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Bangladeshi Doctors have left us with Covid-19 and corona symptoms

Bangladesh Physicians have left us with Covid-19 and corona symptoms:

Bangladeshi doctors have died with Covid-19 and Corona symptoms

1. Professor (Associate) Dr. Moin Uddin,
Department of Cardiology, Siomek (15/04/2020)

2. Dr. Ferdous Rahman Dental Surgeon, Lion Eye Hospital, Agargaon. Dhaka. (13/04/2020)

3. Professor Colonel (Retd.) Moniruzzaman,
Hematologist and Head of Department, Clinical Pathology, Marks Medical College. (Ramek 16th Batch)(03/05/2020)

4. Prof. Dr. Anisur Rahman,
Principal and Head of Department (Forensic Medicine),
Northern Medical College, Dhanmondi. (Momek 11th Batch)

5. Prof. Dr. Abdul Mokarim,
Head of Department, Radiology Department, Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital, Jigatala, Dhanmondi. (MEMEC 11th Batch)

6. Dr. Azizur Rahman Raju
(Momek 13th batch)

7. Dr. Sarwar Ibn Abdul Aziz
Renowned General Practitioner, Lalbagh
(Saschim-9th batch)

8. Dr. MA Matin
(Former Civil Surgeon, Moulvibazar) (22/05/2020)

9. Dr. Zafar Rumi
(Maternal and Child Hospital)

10. Dr. Kazi Dilruba Khanam
(Siomek 08 batch)

11. Dr. Amina Khan, Gynecologist,
(Ramek 16th Batch) (26/05/2020)

12. Dr. Abdur Rahman
(Senior Consultant, Rangpur Medical College 5th Batch)(26/05/2020)

13. Professor Dr. Mosharraf Hossain
(Department of Orthopedics, Nitore, Ramek 9th Batch -26/05/2020)

14. Dr. Tajuddin
(MO, Dhaka Children's Hospital-26/05/2020)

15. Dr. Saidul Islam,
(SBMC 1st Batch-31/05/2020)

16. Prof. Dr. Wahiduzzaman Akand,
Chest Specialist, (Siomek 14th Batch(01/08/2020)
16. Prof. Dr. Manzur Rashid Chowdhury,
Chief Consultant, Department of Urology, Anwar Khan Modern Medical College Hospital (COMEC 14th Batch) (02/08/2020)

16. Professor (Associate) Dr. Ehsanul Karim,
Head of Department, Medicine, Marine City Medical College, Chittagong

19. Dr. KM Wahidul Haque Khan,
(Siomek 10th Batch)

20. Professor Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Khan
(Professor, Department of Surgery, MMC) (03/06/2020)

21. Professor Dr. Mohiuddin
(Professor, Ibrahim Medical College) (04/06/2020)

22. Prof. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman,
(Legendary Professor of Forensic Medicine) (04/08/2020)

23. Prof. Dr. NI Khan,
Legendary medicine specialist (04/08/2020)

24. Dr. Ehsanul Kabir Chowdhury,
Former Upazila Health and PW Officer (RPMC 4th Batch)

25. Dr. Mahidul Hasan,
EMO, Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMC 41st Batch)

26. Prof. Dr. SAM Golam Kibria, Former Chairman, Department of Urology, BSMMU, Shahbag, Dhaka (Siomek 6th Batch)(05/08/2020)

26. Dr. Mirza Nazim Uddin,
Senior Consultant (Medicine) & Director, Square Hospital, Dhaka (DMEC 30th Batch)
26. Dr. Abul Kashem Khan
(Siomek 9th batch)

29. Dr. Razia Sultana (MMEC-17)

30. Dr. Sakhawat Hossain
Consultant, Anesthesia, Islami Bank Central Hospital, (CBMC-5)

31. Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain,
Director of  Rahat Anwar_ Specialized Hospital, Barisal, (Shebachim 14th Batch (09/08/2020)

32. Dr. Jalilur Rahman Khan,
Senior Consultant (Department of Anesthesiology), Impulse Hospital, Dhaka.
----- (09/08/2020)

33. Dr. Tanzila Rahman,
Medical Officer, Mary Stopes (Head Office),
ZH Sikder WMC-04
----- (10/08/2020)

34. Professor Dr. Gazi Zahir Hasan
Professor, Pediatrics Surgery, BSMMU,
Shahbag, Dhaka (MMEC-17)
----- (12/08/2020)

35. Dr. Mahmud Monwar
Assistant Professor, Cardiology, NICVD, Dhaka
----- (12/08/2020)

36. Dr. AKM Fazlul Haque
Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Zahurul Haque Sikder Women's Medical College, Dhaka.
----- (12/08/2020)

37. Dr. Arif Hasan
General Practitioner, Dhaka Medical College
----- (13/08/2020)

38. Dr. Sajjad Hossain
Associate Professor and Head of Department, Department of Anesthesia, ENT Institute, Dhaka and Consultant,
ICU, BRB Hospital, Panthapath, Dhaka (CMC-20)

----- (13/08/2020)
39. Dr. Sadequr Rahman
Sonologist, Jamison Red Crescent Hospital, Chittagong (CMC-17)
----- (14/08/2020)

40. Dr. Nazrul Islam
Former Director of Dhaka Dental College.Hospital (DDC-12 Batch)
----- (14/08/2020)

41. Dr. Tawfiqunnesa
Additional Chief Medical Officer, BCIC
----- (14/08/2020)

42. Professor Dr. M Rezaul Karim
Legendary Professor, Surgery (Tripple FRCS), Former VC, ESTC, Chittagong & Former Professor, Head of Department, Siomekha, Chamekaha
----- (15/08/2020)

43. Professor Dr. Mujibur Rahman
Former Professor and Head of Unit (Medicine and Cardiology) and Director, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, Dhaka (Saschim-4th)
----- (18/08/2020)

44. Dr. Nurul Haque
Senior Medical Officer, Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital (CMC-36)
----- (18/08/2020)

45. Dr. Shah Abdul Ahad
Former Director of  MAbdur Rahim Medical College and Hospital, Dinajpur and President, BMA,
Dinajpur District Branch
----- (18/08/2020)

46. Associate Professor Dr. Md. Ashrafuzzaman
Head of Department, Department of Burn and Plastic Surgery, Mugda Medical College, Dhaka
----- (18/08/2020)

47. Dr. Rafiqul Haider Liton
Consultant, Department of Endocrinology, Enam Medical College (Siomec-23rd Batch)
----- (18/08/2020)

48. Dr. Jannatun Naeem Zinnia
Marks Medical College, 1st Batch
----- (18/08/2020)

49. Dr. Emdadullah Khan
Consultant of Dept of Dermatology, Sadar Hospital, Barisal (Shebachim-12th Batch)
----- (19/08/2020)

50. Professor Dr. Shafiqul Islam
Professor, Department of Physiology (Saschim-I)
----- (20/08/2020)

51. Associate Professor Dr. Mujibur Rahman Ripon
Department of Pediatrics, Central Medical College (FMC-5)
----- (20/08/2020)

52. Dr. Shahnewaz
Dental Surgeon, Brahmanbaria.
----- (20/08/2020)

53. Dr. Abdul Hai
Former Civil Surgeon, Cox's Bazar.
----- (20/08/2020)

54. Dr. Md. Bazlur Rahman
General Surgeon, Impulse Hospital, Dhaka (RPMC-2nd Batch)
----- (21/08/2020)

55. Dr. Sunil Kumar Sarkar
Former Associate Professor, Cardiac Surgery, National Heart Institute, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka
----- (21/08/2020)

56. Heroic freedom fighter Dr. Lalit Kumar Dutta
Renowned Otolaryngologist, Chittagong
----- (22/08/2020)

57. Professor Dr. Md. Abdus Shahid
Former Professor, Forensic Medicine, Sylhet Women's Medical College
Former student, M A G Osmani Medical College,  Sylhet ( ninth batch)
--- (22/7/2020)

58. Heroic freedom fighter Dr. Md. Ali Azgar
General Practitioner, Narayanganj.
----- (23/08/2020)

59. Dr. Sameerul Islam Babu
Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, Chittagong Medical College Hospital (Shebachim-19 Batch)
----- (24/07/2020)

60. Dr. Upendra Nath Pal
Former Upazila Health and Population Officer, Fakirhat,
----- (24/07/2020)

61. Dr. Sarkar Saiful Islam, Consultant of Al-Manar Hospital, Alumni DMC-30 Batch
----- (24/07/2020)

62. Dr. Shahidul Anwar, Ophthalmologist, Alumnus of CMC-15
---- (24/7/2020)

63. Dr. Yunus Ali Khan, Ophthalmologist, Sirajganj
Alumnus of Rajshahi Medical College
---- (25/7/2020)

64. Dr. Firoza Banu Minu, Alumnus of Rajshahi Medical College, 14th Batch
--- (25/6/2020)

65. Dr. Mohammad Hossain, ex Medical Officer, Chittagong City Corporation.
Alumni of Chittagong Medical College 17th Batch
---- (26/7/2020)

66. Dr. Asaduzzaman, Otolaryngologist, Cancer Hospital, Mohakhali. Alumni of Sylhet Medical College 30th Batch
--- (26/7/2020)

67. Professor Dr. Gopal Sankar Dey, Former Head of Department, Psychiatry, Sylhet Osmani Medical College
And alumni, 11th Batch Sylhet Osmani Medical College
--- (26/7/2020)

68. Dr. Syed Tamizul Ahsan Ratan, Dikpal of Dentistry, Alumni of Dhaka Dental College 14th Batch
--- (29/7/2020)

69. Professor Dr. Golam Sarwar
Head of Department, Department of Pediatrics, International Medical College and Alumni Chittagong Medical College 15th Batch
--- (1/6/2020)

70. Professor Dr. Mohsin Kabir
Head of Department, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, BRB Hospital and Alumni, Mymensingh Medical College 22nd Batch
---- (1/6/2020)

71. Professor Dr. Ruhul Amin
Ophthalmologist, Surgeon and Director, Al-Razi Hospital and Alumni Chittagong Medical College 8th Batch
--- (1/6/2020)

72. Dr. M. Waliullah
Ophthalmologist and former President, Comilla Diabetic Association and Comilla Ophthalmologist Association
--- (1/6/2020)

73. Professor Dr. Mohammad Abdul Wahab
Renowned medicine specialist
Former Head of Department, Medicine,
Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital
Alumnus of Rajshahi Medical College
---- (2/7/2020)

74. Professor Dr. Mamunur Rashid Safdar
Former Head of Department, Medicine, USTC
Alumni of Chittagong Medical College 15th Batch
--- (2/7/2020)

75. Professor Dr. KM Muntakim Chowdhury
Former Head of Department, Physiology, Sir Salimullah Medical College and Alumni Dhaka Medical College 26th Batch
---- (4/7/2020)

76. Professor Dr. AKM Nurul Anwar
Former Director General, Department of Health, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Former Principal and Professor, Pharmacology, Ibrahim Medical College
Alumnus of Dhaka Medical College
--- (5/6/2020)

77. Dr. Faizullah
Cardiologist, Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)
Alumnus Mymensingh Medical College 9th Batch
--- (7/8/2020)

78. Dr. Sajjad Hossain
Current Civil Surgeon, Feni, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Alumni MAG Osmani Medical College Sylhet 25th Batch
--- (7/8/2020)

79. Dr. Mushtaq Ali Mortaza
Alumni of Dhaka Medical College 31st Batch
--- (7/8/2020)

80. Dr. Abu Bakr Siddique
General Practitioner, Cox's Bazar
Former student Sir Salimullah Medical College
--- (7/8/2020)

81. Dr. Mujibul Haque Chowdhury
Former Senior Consultant, King Fahad Hospital Saudi Arabia
--- (7/8/2020)

82. Dr. Irene Zaman
Gynecologist, Chittagong Maternal and Child Hospital
Alumnus, Comilla Medical College 14th Batch
- (14/6/2020)

83. Assistant Professor. Laila Shams Lovely
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College, Bogra
Alumni, Rangpur Medical College 8th Batch
--- (13/7/2020)

84. Linguist Dr. Saeed Haider
Ekushey Medal winning doctor 2018
Public health specialist
Alumnus, Dhaka Medical College
--- (15/6/2020)

85. Dr. SM Nuruddin Abu Al Baki Rumi
Assistant Professor, Surgery, Kushtia Medical College
Alumnus, Chittagong Medical College 33rd Batch
--- (18/7/2020)

86. Dr. Kohl Karim
Medicine Specialist, National Medical College
Alumnus, Mymensingh Medical College 22nd Batch
--- (18/7/2020)

87. Dr. Abdul Hamid
Former Medical Officer, Postmaster General's Office
Alumni, Rajshahi Medical College 16th Batch
--- (18/7/2020)

88. Dr. Md. Ismail Hossain
Alumni, Chittagong Medical College 15th Batch
--- (18/7/2020)

89. Professor Dr. Abul Hossain Khan Chowdhury
Former Director, National Heart Institute
Professor, Impulse Hospital
Alumnus, Dhaka Medical College 29th Batch
--- (18/7/2020)

90. Dr. Nazrul Haque
Retired Senior Medical Officer, Chittagong Port Hospital
Alumni, Chittagong Medical College 19th Batch
--- (20/6/2020)

91. Professor Dr. Amanullah Khan
Former Head of Department, Physiology, Sher-e-Bangla Medical College and Gazipur International Medical College
Alumni, Sher-e-Bangla Medical College 5th Batch
--- (20/6/2020)

92. Dr. Saifuzzaman Bachchu
Alumni, Khulna Medical College 2nd Batch
--- (24/7/2020

93. Brigadier General Dr. Md. Shahidullah
Former Director, CMSD, Department of Health, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Alumni,.Sylhet M A G Osmani Medical College (20th Batch)
--- (25/6/2020)

94. Dr. Ferdous Amin Promi
Alumnus, Sirajul Islam Medical College 3rd Batch
--- (25/6/2020)

95. Dr. Shefa Islam Tuli
Alumnus, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College 15th Batch
--- (26/7/2020)

96. Dr. Badiuzzaman Hira
Orthopedic surgeon
Former student, Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, Barisal
19th batch
---- (26/7/2020)

97. Prof. Dr. TIM Abdullah Al Farooq
Principal, Popular Medical College
Former Professor Surgery Dhaka Medical College
Alumni of Barisal Medical College 2nd batch
--- (26/7/2020)

98. Dr. Nargis Murshid Banu
Associate Professor, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, National Healthcare Network, Bangladesh Diabetic Association, Adabar Branch
Alumnus Mymensingh Medical College 10th Batch
--- (29/7/2020)

99. Dr. Abdul Awal
Senior Consultant, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
250 bed hospital, Manikganj
--- (1/6/2020)

100. Associate Professor Dr. Nazrul Islam Chowdhury Taslim Sir.
Orthopedic Surgeon, Chittagong Medical College.
Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College 21st batch in the former shadow.
--- (03/06/2020)
Note that 2500+ doctors, 2000+ nurses, 3000+ health workers are affected by corona till date.
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Innalillahi wa innailaihira rajiyun. May Allah grant martyrdom to all and grant us. Amen.

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