What is Butterfly sensation? cause and mechanism of butterfly sensation in abdomen.

What is "Butterfly sensation in the Abdomen"?

Suppose you are going to give a speech in front of a crowded hall or seminar, or standing in front of a vibrator or microphone. Suddenly a kind of uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen (intestine)!
This feeling is known_"butterfly sensation  in the abdomen (stomach or gastric)."
Usually this feeling occurs when you are nervous for any reason. Let's find out the reason behind this nervousness
What is Butterfly sensation in abdomen?

cause and mechanism of Butterfly sensation in Abdomen:

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls the involuntary functions of our body such as heart rate, blood flow, nutrition. So this ANS already has two branches. One is sympathetic nervous system and the another is parasympathetic nervous system. After a meal of the large amount for the dominance of the parasympathetic branch we feel better and fall asleep. A large amount of blood flow from the heart is directed to the intestine and Autonomic Nervous system instructs you to sit for a while to the digestion of foods. One of the main roles of ANS is to prepare you for what is going to happen. Eventually, if you see a tiger in front of you, naturally you do not  want your precious oxygen-rich blood to flow from the heart to the stomach and be busy with your food. Rather, you will want this blood to flow temporarily to your leg muscles, so that, you can escape a bit faster. In this condition the sympathetic system affects the parasympathetic activity. Moreover, it releases adrenaline which raises the heart rate to make the blood pump faster, expels large amounts of sugar (glucose) from the liver and expels blood from the intestines. Blood continues to flowing to the arm and leg muscles which prepare you to defend, or escape quickly. Digestion decreases as a side effect of this deficiency of blood in the intestines. Stomach and intestinal muscles slow down the rate of digestion. In addition, blood flow to the arteries in this region is reduced. This lack of blood flow in the intestines is mainly responsible for the butterfly in the stomach sensation. Lack of blood and oxygen informs the stomach's own nervous system that situation is not normal. It sometimes causes a contraction of the muscle called, "external anal sphincter due to reduce adrenaline digestion. The result? Some people get bathrooms during that tension! The funny thing is that even if you fall in love, the people you love feel this butterfly in the stomach around you or while talking to the nervous system!

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