Depression(major depressive disorder) : 30 symptoms of depression and prevention and treatment of depression


Depression(major Depressive disorder)  is a common mental disorder. Internationally  more than 264000000 people of all ages suffer from depression. Depression affects an estimated one in six people or 16.6% will experience depression at some time in their w byhole  life.
Depression is a  major cause of disability globally and is a major contributor to the global burden of disease.
women are affected more by depression than men in the world.
Depression is leading cause of suicide.

Depression: symptoms of depression , prevention and Treatment of depression .

Symptoms of depression:

  • 1. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad( that's mood swing).  
  • 2. Cannot comprehend life well. 
  • 3. Hatred to life.Therefore this life is meaningless.  I think there was a lot to get, to do, not to do. 
  • 4. Sometimes, if you do not say good, then it is fine, but if you criticize negatively, you lose your mental balance.
  • 5. Chemical change causes unnecessary pain to the body.
  • 6. Mental breakdown. 
  • 8.  Mental phobia, Fear of darkness,fear of any insect bite, animal,  water, fire or unknown terror,Fear of ghost or horror. 
  • 9. Repeated washing of hands and feet, bathing, whining, etc.
  • 10. Unnecessary thoughts and excitement again 
  • 11. Panic conditions
  • 12. There is no desire to work. Has the ability to perform  but does not want to do anything due to lack of desire. 
  • 13. Giving up food,bathing, washing of clothes .he wants to wear dirty clothes, in this case he has to understand that he is suffering from depression.
  • 14. Sometimes sleeps less, sometimes sleeps more at all the time.
  • 15. Depression is caused by hormonal changes mainly in adolescence 
  • 16. There is no end to the demand.  Never satisfied with one or the other. Repeatedly there are different types of whims or bainas.
  • 17. Love or affection. Failure in love is, in fact, depression if love is not successful. As a result, they become intoxicated or commit to suicide or  criminal acts.
  • 18. Anger,aggressiveness,restlessness,  irritability, anxiousness. 
  • 17. Damage to the adrenal glands, capillary tubes, and neurons can also cause of  depression. 
  • 18.  Chronic disease is also cause of depression. 
  •  19. Depression is the leading cause of suicide that is a mental disorder. Reaching the final stage of depression leads to suicide.
  • 20. Felling empty, sad and hopeless. 
  • 21. loss of interest, no longer finding pleasure in favorite work, feeling tired easily, drinking excessively, 
  • 22. Reduced sexual desire, lack of sexual performance 
  • 23. Delay response during conversation 
  • 24.  Lack of concentration 
  • 25.  Fatigue, pain and digestive symptoms 
  • 26. Withdrawing from social engagement 
  • 27. Family History  of depression 
  • 28.  Childhood abuse or trauma. 
  • 29.  Frontal lobe less active is also cause of depression. 
  • 30.  Attention deficit hyper-activity disorder

We are responsible for depression.
In the case of children, parents are responsible, in the case of young people, they are responsible, in the case of adults, family and society are responsible.
Depression can occur at any age. Children, students, children and adult can all suffer from depression.
That   is a mental illness, feeling the onslaught of that disease can be of great benefit if you can be your own teacher. Also, if you understand why depression is happening, then meditation as well as good doctor's advice can help you to recover faster.
Depressions are leading cause of suicide and disability , major dispersive disorder .

Prevention of Depression :

  • Regular exercise 
  • Yoga
  • Mind changing work
  • Counseling 
  • Meditation
  • Appropriate treatment by appropriate doctor
  • Antidepressants and psychotropic agent use for treatment of depression .
  • Psychotherapy more helpful
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) Used for treatment of depression.

Remember : antidepressants take to time for response 2-3 weeks .improvement of the patient condition after 1 or 2 month are less then change antidepressants .

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